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What kind of Modernity? Philosophical reflections on the situation of post / under / after-post / post-post … modernism : collective monograph devoted to 70th anniversary of Professor Alexaner A. Mamaluy, Doctor of Science (Philosophy). In 2 vols. / Ed. by Lydia V. Starodubtseva. – Vol. 1. – Kharkiv : NTMT, 2010. – 374 p. – (In Russian).

ISBN 978-617-578-029-9

The monograph presents the materials of discussion «What kind of Modernity?», initiated by Professor Alexander Mamaluy, Doctor of Science (Philosophy). Due to essay contest the discussion has become a nationwide polylogue on experiences of philosophical reflections over the situation of post / under / after-post / post-post … modernism. The monograph completes the translation of the Fredric Jameson’s book «Singular Art» (fragments). The monograph is intended for philosophers, culture experts, sociologists, and all humanitarians who are interested in finding of alternatives to extinct postmodernism.

See: What kind of Modernity?

El Topos : How a Philosophy of Film is Able? Researches. Interviews. Essays. Translations. Cinema Texts / Ed. by Dmitry Petrenko and Lydia Starodubtseva. – Kharkiv ; Кyiv : El Topos Cinema Club Foundation, 2009. – 229 p. – ill. – (In Russian).

The book includes the studies of philosophers, cultural and art critics of the National University of «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy» and the Center for Media Communications and Visual Studies at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, interviews and lecture of Ukrainian film director Alexander Shapiro, fragments of articles devoted to cinema by Alain Badiou, Gilles Deleuze, and Slavoj Zizek, film text of Salvador Dali’s «Impressions of Upper Mongolia», and others. The book is addressed to theoreticians of cinema, film critics, art historians, and researchers of visual culture.

See: El Topos : How a Philosophy of Film is Able?

Starodubtseva L. V. «Bouts-rimés» : Van Gogh’s Utopia : monograph. – Kharkiv. : Factor, 2008. – 344 p. – ill. – [Under the pseudonym «Vlad Yanovsky»]. – (In Russian).

ISBN 978-966-312-876-4

The monograph is devoted to the phenomenon of participative painting, which is a break both with the modernist individualistic cult of the author, and with the post -modernist post-individualistic myth about «death of the author». The ambivalent author’s concept is a balance between the two «Self»: a writer who died, and his Alter Ego, which seemed had be resurrected.В центре The center of art-critical reflections is the problem of conflicting poetics of artistic image, paradoxical aesthetics of a «flickering Self», and rethinking of «depersonalized personalization» borders of possible experience in contemporary visual culture. The book is addressed to philosophers, cultural and art critics, and researchers of visual art.

See: «Bouts-rimés» : Van Gogh’s Utopia

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