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Center Conception


  About us


    • The purpose of the Center is the realization of promising research, publishing, educational and art projects in the field of Media Communications and Visual Studies

    • The Center was established at the Media Communications Department, School of Sociology, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

    • Head of the Center – Lydia Starodubtseva, Coordinators of the Center projects – Dmitry Petrenko, Igor Solomadin, Olga Kvitka, Max Golovachov

    • During several years the Center had from 10 to 25 employees – leading media experts and media specialists, lectures of the author’s courses on the Master’s Program «Media Communications»

    • The Center’s conception is based on the interdisciplinary approach and involves the integration media theory, philosophy, sociology, art and cultural studies, journalism, and visual studies methods


    Research Areas


      • Mediology, Media Arheology, Media Analytics, Media Criticism
      • Media Rhetoric, Media Impact, Media Technologies
      • New Media and Convergent Journalism
      • Theories of the Information Society, Strategic Communications
      • Cyberculture, Social Networks, and Internet Communications
      • Theory of Visual Culture, and Optical Media
      • Design of Visual Communications
      • Photography and Cinema
      • Audio Podcasting and Radio
      • Television Art, Creation of Auteur TV Programs
      • Audiovisual Art and Video Art
      • Media Art


    Activities Directions


      • Research and publishing projects
      • Media education
      • Open lectures and discussions
      • Conferences, roundtables, barcamps
      • Workshops and trainings
      • TV and radio projects
      • Experimental filmmaking
      • Creative ceminars and art actions



    • 2009 – opening of the experimental Master’s Program «Media Communications» and the eponymous Department at Karazin’s University

    • 2010 – creation of the first in Ukraine specialty «Media Communications», the first in our country graduation ceremony on the new specialty

    • 2011 – publication of the textbooks series «MediaEducation»

    • Since 2012 – start of the television projects series in cooperation with TV channels of the city ( «Dialogues with Lydia Starodubtseva», «Mediascope», «Art Interrogation», «Territory of Sight with Dmitry Petrenko», and others)

    • 2013 – launch of distance learning, trainings and workshops for journalists of the city («MediaActive» and «MediaIntensive»)
      supported by the U.S. Embassy’s Media Development Fund in Ukraine

    • 2014 – creation of the production studio «Medіa Topos Films» and shooting of the short films series («Days of Fear», «Time is Up», «Seam», etc.)

    • 2015 – implementation of the audiovisual projects series together with the Prague office of the Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)

    • 2016 – publication of the journal «Medіa Studies: Interdisciplinary Research of Media», organization of the Summer Media School «New Media – New Education» supported by the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD)

    • 2017 – creation of a multimedia laboratory, Center rebranding


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